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Awkward 80s courthouse elopement in the PNW

When your themed photo studio sets evolve into an incredible themed elopement, you know there's about to be a change in the tide.

Sarah and Stepan attended what we've dubbed the "Awkward 80s Mini-session" through our non-wedding related events and decided that this was the perfect vibe for their courthouse elopement in Vancouver, Washington.

I was beyond honored to join them for a quick hitch at the courthouse and a post-wedding session in our studio, Cobalt Studios PDX.

They absolutely killed the looks and Stepan brought his Frankenstein Blazer truck to fill the look. I introduced some digital compositing, which was the first time I'd gone this heavy on the edits. I'll be doing that again, yes, yes.

I was just beyond excited with the results and I'm very excited to slide these into the portfolio. I hope this leads to many more themed elopements alike.


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