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Elopements in the PNW and beyond begin right here. Our traditional and non-traditional elopements keep your commitment process simplified, adventurous, and fun. If you're looking to tie the knot without the complications of a large wedding ceremony, an elopement with us is a course worth considering for several reasons.

Professional elopement coverage is the most desired aspect for couples eloping. Not only is this how you'll commemorate and look back on the date, but of course, this is how you'll share the process with all who won't be attending. This is their experience. Although, the main goal here isn't to take over the day to capture media, but rather guide your experiences into a position where it can be captured beautifully without compromising authenticity. The top goal of Wedding Photographer Guy and any team brought along is to create a comfortable space for a couple to be absolutely themselves while recording the moments that unfold. Of course, there can still be all the necessary guidance if requested, but if you just want to do you, that works, too. With over 250 weddings and elopements captured, your gallery will shine regardless.

While our direct team is just one photographer and partner, our network and community is massive. We operate Portlands leading photography studio and large camera-centric community events and workshops, which means we have an amazing team ready to join us on our projects. Second photographers, video, MUAH, officiants, stylists, bakers, planners... even SFX and more. We can help you find the vendors that suit you.

As for location, we know a plethora and are always interested in finding the next. We can assist you in finding or discovering the ideal location to make your vision a reality. Venues, waterfalls, mountains, fields, urban, abandoned, or otherwise. If you still need an elopement venue for your ceremony, let us know. Let's make your vision a reality.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Alternative
Elopement Option

In our photo studio, we host photographic mini sets, including Awkward 80s. During these sets, we met a couple that was excited to take it to the next level, and below is their 80s courthouse elopement and Awkward 80s post-elopement session.

After this, it became obvious that it was time to pursue more of these, with new and similar themes. If you're seeking something beyond the norm, let's chat. We'd be excited to discuss concepts guide the vision of your elopement into reality.

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