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Black wedding dress for the win at an Oregon alternative backyard wedding.

In the serene outskirts of Portland, Oregon, where the natural beauty of the farm meets the wicked spirit of alternative love, we had the privilege of capturing a wedding like no other. This blog post is a curated collection of moments and stories that showcase the totally badass and unforgettable aspects of this extraordinary day, designed to inspire non-traditional couples in the Portland area.

Love Beyond Boundaries: This wedding was a testament to love that defies norms. The groom, rocking a sleek black suit with a subtle twist, and the bride, looking absolutely badass in her unconventional black wedding dress, embodied a love that knows no boundaries. Their choice to go against tradition symbolized their commitment to authenticity and celebrating their one-of-a-kind journey.

A Farmstead Celebration: Set against the rustic backdrop of a farmstead in the outskirts of Portland, this wedding was far from conventional. The farm's charm added an earthy authenticity to the celebration, where the couple's love took center stage. But what truly stood out was the bride's choice of attire – a wicked black wedding dress.

The Badass Black Wedding Dress: The bride's decision to wear a black wedding dress was a bold and fearless expression of her personality. It was a dress that defied tradition and embraced individuality. As she strutted down the aisle in her killer black gown, she radiated confidence and grace, proving that a wedding dress can be as unique as the love it represents.

Their Wedding, Not Their Parents' or Grandparents': This was their wedding, not their parents' or grandparents'. It was a day where tradition was rewritten to tell their unique love story. The farm's rustic ambiance, combined with the bride's badass black wedding dress, added an extra layer of charm to the event.

Finding a Photographer Who Lets You Be You: One of the most important aspects of capturing authentic moments like these is finding a photographer, whether it's us or someone else, who creates an environment in front of or around the lens that allows you to be 100%, unapologetically yourselves. Your wedding day is about celebrating your love, your way. It's about feeling comfortable to let your personalities shine through and capture the real, raw, and beautiful moments that define your unique journey.

Tips for Couples: Planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming, but this couple had a few kick-ass pieces of advice to share:

1.Embrace Your Uniqueness: Remember, this is your wedding, not your parents' or grandparents'. Don't be afraid to break away from those traditional wedding norms. Your day should scream your personalities and love story.

2.Allow Space in the Timeline: Take moments to breathe and savor your day. It goes by in a whirlwind, and allowing space in the timeline to be present can make all the difference.

3.Consider a Day-of Coordinator: Hiring a day-of coordinator can significantly reduce stress. You can enjoy your day without worrying about logistics or family matters.

Contact Us: If you're an alternative or non-traditional couple seeking a wedding photographer who gets your unique vision and allows you to be yourselves, we're here to capture your love story in all its badass beauty. Contact us today to kick-start your own unique journey.


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