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About the Wedding Photographer Guy and our little team.

Short, short summary.

Wedding Photographer Guy is an Alternative, all-inclusive, professional wedding and elopement photography service dedicated to providing a laid-back experiece while capturing authentic and timeless imagery.


Our team, as you may assess quickly, is our family. We currently work out of coffee shops and our home, which is brimming with plants, skulls, dead stuff, pets, camera equipment and vinyls. Home is a great place to work, being in our own space with the calming sounds of fish tank water flowing and crickets chirping, but also very alive with the laughter of the children playing imaginary games, the sudden mocked screams of the adults playing pranks, or the thumps and chord chewings of our mischievous bunny.

We strive to stay adventurous, always seeking new locations like incredible hike-worthy waterfalls or abandoned spots to sneak into and do creative photoshoots. Attending weddings also opens us up to a whole new array of amazing places to explore and photograph. 

Us, the individuals.

Rose in December 22 - Wedding Photograph

a PNW and destination photographer

The eye behind the lens. A dad, weirdo, wanderlust, and passionate photographer, dedicated to art and authenticity. Fascinated by natural sciences, abandoned buildings, and the unknown. If it wasn't for family, would be wandering with little more than a backpack and a camera. Deeply, madly in love with Salem, Nilas, and twin flame, Rose.
@xnilasx / @weddingphotographerguy

Communications, booking, and image selection

Passionate model, avid concert and music lover, vinyl collector, obsessive waterfall chaser, and an absolute badass. Keeping things organized when all is unhinged. Fiercely dedicated to anything she supports or involves herself with and is the perfect counterpart for a photographer. 

Nilas and Rose at Blue Heron at Night Stair Lights and Yarn - Wedding Photographer Guy - N
Nilas and Rose at Blue Heron at Night Stair Lights and Yarn - Wedding Photographer Guy - N

Assistant photographer and occasional lens caddy

A budding artist who has given two tattoos by age 9 and attended (even photographed) various weddings. Patient and kind. Passionate about reading, games, playing pranks, and his little brother. Loves to learn and be involved. A very mature and charismatic young charmer at events, and extremely helpful as a volunteer photographer's assistant.

Photographer in training and loveable wildcard

A roaring ball of energy that contains well when composure is necessary. Passionate about building, animals and ancient beings, the outdoors, and spending time with his family. Sweet and loving. His time in our work is currently spent learning the basics and child communications. He loves to pose for the camera and encourages others to laugh or set a pose for a shot when attending certain sessions.

Salem - Ecola - Nilas Photography - 2020-2.jpg

Our work together, with backstory

Burnt Out Black Friday - Wedding Photographer Guy - Nilas Photography-57.jpg
Salem with full frame - Nilas Photography-2.jpg
Nilas 9th Bday coast - Nilas Photography - Wedding Photographer Guy-14.jpg
Nilas and Rose at Blue Heron at Night Stair Lights and Yarn - Wedding Photographer Guy - N

A few Reviews

"Michael did a wonderful job at our wedding. He spent all day getting photos of us getting ready, the wedding, the reception, and all the craziness that followed. He was great at blending into the background and capturing cute moments. What I loved is that he didn’t take over the wedding and hold people up to take photos for ages. The photos turned out gorgeous and I was so impressed with the colors and quality. Beautiful."


-Bianca Philips

"We had a destination wedding near Yosemite. It was a multi-day event and I was looking for a photographer who was flexible, and whose pictures fit my wedding's style. Nilas Photography was it. He was initially out of my budget, but I couldn't find any photographer who fit my criteria, and adjusted my budget to make him work -- and I'm SO GLAD I DID. Michael was amazing. He was there to capture all of the little moments that were important to me at my wedding, without being obtrusive.


My husband is notorious for being a poor subject for photos -- he never looks like himself because he gets all stiff. Michael and my husband got along so well, it was like they were old friends. It's amazing how this made the whole wedding seem more at ease.


Michael's photos capture the essence of the moments -- the emotions that bring the wedding day back to life when you look at them years later. Things like a curious child, a father looking at his newborn baby (my wedding was very kid friendly), and my exasperated husband.


I also wanted "the photo" -- you know what I'm talking about -- the photo that encapsulates all of the reasons why you hire a photographer in the first place -- the quintessential photo that says -- "THAT was my wedding" -- and Nilas gave that to me. I'll forever be grateful for that.

Take a look at his portfolio, and if you like his photos, hire this guy. I totally recommend him. My family was so impressed with his pictures, in fact, that he's photographing my brother's wedding in July!"



"We hired Michael to do our engagement photos and I'm so glad we did! He was incredibly easy to work with from the very beginning. My (now husband) and I are not picture takers so we were really nervous being in front of the camera. Michael felt almost like a buddy just hanging out and taking our picture; he made the entire experience very comfortable and we actually enjoyed ourselves. The turnaround time on the pictures was quick! I absolutely loved the way they turned out and we ended up using two photographs to display at our reception instead of one. I am so glad we found Michael, his prices are very affordable, he was very flexible on traveling to various locations to get the right shot, and he was a lot of fun to work with."



The Process





What we offer


Your wedding is a time to kick back and celebrate your love, and your loved ones while partying your ass off.  We want to be right there celebrating with you and experiencing all the laughter, adventure, tears, nervous sweats, brews chugged, cake smashed, that one friend who really likes to shake it on the dance floor... all of it, right through the viewfinder.

With every click of the shutter, a memory is immortalized.

I'm down for anything. If you want to bushwack 10 miles to your elopement waterfall, let's go. If you're having a pirate-themed wedding, I'm bringing an outfit and possibly a cutlass. Pop the champagne in my direction, that shot will be wicked. Whether you're dancing with fire or wandering waist-deep in the ocean, I'm ready to be right there alongside you capturing every moment of your adventure.

Check availability

First things first, let's check availability.

Send us a message or give us a call to begin.



Let's make sure we're a perfect fit. 

We love to meet in person, but also do a lot of video and phone chats.

Choose the option that works best for you.

A photographer can make or break a wedding.

We want to know about you. We would like it if you knew about us.

A wedding is a time to share in the celebration with your closest family and community. 

While we stand no chance of being quite like them,

we absolutely never want to feel like strangers.

We're extremely relaxed and hope to communicate as friends.



When you're ready to book, we'll set a 25% deposit on the package of your choosing.


When a deposit is completed and the date is set, we'll send out a model release, client service agreement, and most importantly, a wedding questionnaire.

We also have until the wedding to do optional shot lists, and share itineraries, and vendor information.

Continued contact

From the time of booking onward, we can keep in contact. Share some images you love, follow us on social media, or ask us for advice in your planning process. Let's connect.

Engagement session

An optional engagement gives an opportunity to work together, connect, and adventure.

It is recommended that you bring all of your true character, and if you're camera shy, fret not. 

These sessions are comfortable and fun. Unless we're hiking in the snow, then it might only be fun. 

We can get creative. We can do dramatic coastal shots, dress for a funeral and roam your favorite cemetery, howl in the ferns with your dogs, cheers some beers in a dive part, stand under waterfalls, play D&D in your folk's dungeon, or anything you feel like.

We can assist with location and styling.

The day of

On the big day, there is no need to stress. I've shot countless weddings of all kinds and know exactly what to do. All you need to worry about is having the time of your life. I'll be right there to capture every precious moment ( and maybe slurp down a piece of the cake).

While most images are intended to be caught as candids, there will be certain moments that will be "posed". Certain group shots, portraits, and details will be controlled, but it's all very quick and easy.


As for group shots, it all depends on the cooperation of the group, but I've definitely managed it all. We'll be serious and also get a little wild. Everyone is encouraged to be 100% unapologetically themselves. Names and a shot list make this part fast and stress-free. Well, about as stress-free as possible. We try to complete images with elderly and young children first.

We will also have a portion to shoot couple's shots. 

These are the most common portfolio shots, where we break away and focus solely on pictures. This can be as quick or as long as you prefer. We can wander far or stay near. And if you don't feel right posing, well, the point here isn't to control a scene. Just to set one. I'll do my part to make this seamless, natural, comfortable, and simple.

For the most part, photography will be unobtrusive, allowing the day to unfold organically while yielding authentic and timeless candids. Those specific details and sentiments, those big personalities, the tears, laughs, gasps, and smiles. 

From beginning to end, I've got you covered.

After the wedding

After the wedding, we cull and edit ASAP. I'll put some sneak peeks on my website within a few days and send out the remainder of the images within two weeks via an online gallery.

The online gallery provides both full and web-sized downloads. Images can be shared with anyone you give access to with the use of a link and a four-digit code.


We offer print packages, albums, and more, but you are not obligated to print through us.  Once you have your digital images, you can print and/or post them anywhere you'd like.


Post-delivery, we hope to stay in touch. We can chat online, watch each other's families grow and perhaps even share a few additional adventures together.



To receive current package pricing and promotions based on your wedding/elopement date, please fill out the contact form we will promptly deliver pricing. 2022 discounts are available until 2023 pricing is released on this site.

(We're in the middle of site, form, and structure reconstruction/updates)



Based in Portland, Oregon, most commonly servicing the Portland metropolitan region, the Oregon coast, the Pacific Northwest, and throughout California.

Beyond willing to travel anywhere around the entire globe and often providing incentives in beautiful scenic destinations. 

Engagements are typically captured within the Pacific Northwest. but known to conduct sessions during travels, so don't hesitate to inquire if you're looking to shoot elsewhere.

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