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Hustle to
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$300 referral program

As a photographer, working with couples on their special day is extremely rewarding. Although, finding couples... well, it's really, really hard. As an alternative wedding photography service, we also attempt to use alternative means to meet couples. Of course, we've tried all the big ad companies, but we overpay while they underdeliver. So, we've decided to opt into turning some of our budget toward the friends and families of the beloved couples we hope to meet. Or maybe even photographers who were busy on another couples date!

If you know someone planning their wedding, elopement, or vow renewal, send them our way and we'd be beyond happy to give you a $300 referral reward when they book with us!


With roughly 200 weddings captured, this isn't just a job, it's a passion, and we are professionals. As a team of one photographer and his companion, we are not a huge company. We're personable, laid back, and all we ever want is the opportunity to show couples we exist.


Please take a moment to check out our site and forward our link to those lame lovebirds that you always see smooching on social media.

When they fill out there inquiry, I'll ask who referred them and for your referral contact. When they drop a deposit and mark photographer off their list, we will be excited to hold true and send a referral reward. If you don't want your reward, I will happily gift it to the couple.


Thank you for your consideration! We hope you'll check out our main site below and share our link!!

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