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Fun wedding in Oregon City near Portland

Hi, I'm Michael, and I'm the


Wedding Photographer Guy 


Portlands alternative wedding photographer

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Exciting Oregon wedding

Note from the photographer:


In my own opinion,  such a small fraction of what a good photographer brings to the table is technical photography skills.

After a lot of hard work, my partner and I lucked out and ended up getting to purchase a premiere photo studio in the city. Such a humbling dream come true, and we have an incredible community of creatives surrounding us. Well, sometimes, when around other creatives, I'm asked why I still do weddings. "They're sooo much work" or "far too stressful".

The answer isn't the industry.

No. The wedding industry and photography are not the same. The wedding industry itself is the only part I don't like, couples excluded.

The answer isn't the money.

I never came here to charge luxury rates. I come from nothing and don't need much more than I have. Average rates will cover the time and bills at the end of the day.

I do weddings and elopements because I enjoy being the odd one out. 

I work with couples because I think love is badass. I feel it should be expressed and represented truthfully. Candidly.

I do this because the industry can be such a shithole at times, and I want to create some solace in the intense process of planning and undertaking a wedding. To be an anchor and a positive aspect throughout.

I do this because I love a sense of community. Because I love to build mine and I love to witness others.

I do this because it keeps me on my toes, shooting in new places and unexpected conditions. It keeps my craft sharp. 

I'm still doing it, 200+ weddings later, because I can handle it. Because I love it. Capturing moments for couples, expected and the unexpected, gives me a fulfillment that no other subject compares to. Because it's a gift to be granted this position, and I feel genuinely thankful.


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Fae wedding with fantasy outfits in Oregon City
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Let loose and live the moment.

Wedding Photographer Guy is an alternative, all-inclusive, professional wedding, elopement, and engagement photographer dedicated to providing a laid-back and authentic photography experience.

Expect moody and naturalistic documentary-style images
that stand the test of time.

Your wedding is a time to kick back and celebrate your love, and your loved ones while you party your ass off. My job is more than just a job. It's a gratefully accepted challenge and extension of my artistic passions. It keeps my camera strapped around my neck where it belongs and I feel beyond fortunate for what I do. I want to be right there celebrating with you and experiencing all the laughter, adventure, tears, nervous sweats, brews chugged, cake smashed, that one friend who really likes to shake it on the dance floor... all of it, right through the viewfinder. With every click of the shutter, a memory immortalized.

We strive to create a comfortable environment, in front of and around the lens. So share that sense of humor, I'm impossible to offend. Let's crack a brew and swap stories. Ask me questions, if it's wedding related, I've probably got answers. I can tie a tie and bustle a dress, I'm there to lend a hand.


I'm down for anything. If you want to bushwack 10 miles to your elopement waterfall, let's go. If you're having a pirate wedding, I want to bring a cutlass. Pop the champagne in my direction, that shot will be wicked. Whether you're dancing with fire or wandering waist-deep in the ocean, I'm ready to be right there alongside you capturing every moment.

Zero discrimination service provider: LGBTQ+ / 420 / All race / All size / All religion friendly

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nontraditional portland wedding
Rainy Portland Wedding
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Candid Oregon Wedding

Some humbling words

Michael was truly the greatest photographer we could have asked for! The photos were amazing and he felt like such an important part of our wedding. Months later and we are still talking about how happy we are we picked him as our photographer. He did a great job making us, and everyone around him, feel comfortable throughout the day!
His artistic vision and creativity are truly unmatched. For me, our photographer choice was one of our most important decisions because they are what we will keep for a lifetime! Michael goes above and beyond, he loves love, and is clearly so passionate about what he does.


Michael was FANTASTIC! He was very down to earth which is what we wanted when we started looking at photographers. He was flexible and really wanted to understand what we were looking for. He didn't have his own agenda or thoughts on what our wedding photos should be - he worked to learn what we wanted and then gave us that! He was great the day of the wedding itself and was relaxed - which I really appreciated. Most of the pictures we got were off-the-cuff and not posed - exactly what we wanted. He also took a few formal photos for the parents ;). My fiancé loved him and multiple times said he would just hang out with him as a friend - that's how comfortable we were with him. And while we got pictures of everything we wanted - I never felt he was intrusive - he captured some great close-ups during the ceremony and I honestly don't remember him being there! It did take a while to get our photos back after the wedding - but it was worth the wait - I LOVE them! I would 100% recommend Michael!!


Not only was Michael an incredible photographer, but he is an incredible guy. He made me and my husband feel like our best selves on our wedding day. It shouldn't be hard to be happy on your wedding day, but he always was keeping the mood up and light to make sure we had our biggest smiles on. We showed him some examples of pictures we wanted and he executed it all so well. My husband is the kind of guy who doesn't love getting his picture taken, and he even said during the shoot that he was having fun. That right there should be all the review you need.


Michael is such an amazing photographer! My husband and I had our engagement and wedding photos done with him, and couldn’t be happier with how the images turned out. It was also a blast to shoot with him! He is so laid back that it’s very easy to get comfortable in front of a camera, and it felt like we were catching up with an old friend. He is easy to communicate with, open to feedback and questions if you have any, and all around a great guy to work with. We will be working with him in the future!


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