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Courtney and Ethan - Engagement - Bridal Veil Falls - Latourell Falls - Nilas Photography
Victoria and Garrett - Gothic Wedding - Sneaks - Nilas Photography - Wedding Photographer
Meghan and Aaron - Cooper Spur Wedding - Nilas Photography - Wedding Photographer Guy-78.j

Wedding Photographer Guy is an alternative, all-inclusive, professional wedding, elopement, and engagement photographer dedicated to providing a laid-back and authentic photography experience.

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Cody and Peter - Skamania Lodge - Nilas Photography - Wedding Photographer Guy-52.jpg
Washington Wedding Alternative Viking Mo
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Hi, I'm Michael and

I'm the Wedding Photographer Guy. 

Let loose and live the moment.

Your wedding is a time to kick back and celebrate your love, and your loved ones while you party your ass off. My job is more than just a job. It's a gratefully accepted challenge and extension of my artistic passions. It keeps my camera strapped around my neck where it belongs and I feel beyond fortunate for what I do. I want to be right there celebrating with you and experiencing all the laughter, adventure, tears, nervous sweats, brews chugged, cake smashed, that one friend who really likes to shake it on the dance floor... all of it, right through the viewfinder. With every click of the shutter, a memory immortalized.

I seek clients that don't feel like clients, but rather friends. In zero way do I want to feel like some strange dude with a camera.

I strive to create a comfortable environment, in front of and around the lens. So share that sense of humor, I'm impossible to offend. Let's crack a brew and swap stories. Ask me questions, if it's wedding related, I've probably got answers. I can tie a tie and bustle a dress, I'm there to lend a hand.


I'm down for anything. If you want to bushwack 10 miles to your elopement waterfall, let's go. If you're having a pirate wedding, I want to bring a cutlass. Pop the champagne in my direction, that shot will be wicked. Whether you're dancing with fire or wandering waist-deep in the ocean, I'm ready to be right there alongside you capturing every moment.

Zero discrimination service provider: LGBTQ+ / 420 / All race / All size / All religion friendly

California Oregon Wedding Wedding Candid
Candid moment Bow Washington wedding
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Tuula and Taylor - Mt Hood Skibowl - Sneaks - Nilas Photography - Wedding Photographer Guy
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Joy and Andrew Star Wars Wedding Sneaks - Nilas Photography - Wedding Photographer Guy-25_
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