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A wedding isn't for 

This is the amalgamation of two kindred spirits,

Complacency is the death of mastery

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Wedding Photographer Guy is an Alternative, all-inclusive, professional wedding and elopement photography service dedicated to providing a laid-back and authentic photography experience.

Wedding Photographer Guy began as Nilas Photography in 2016, before separating into two entities in 2019. At the start, weddings were not a goal. Actually, they were nowhere on the radar whatsoever, and any wedding inquiries were initially turned away.  But, of course, that changed. Whether it was the approach of the couple or the financial desperation of a young father at play, I accepted my first wedding at an art museum with a young, gay couple in Bakersfield, California. I don't remember much, probably because I was a severely stressed-out amateur, but the lighting in the venue was harsh, the community was so kind, and the family-crafted Hispanic food was phenomenal. I tried my best, captured all that I could, and went home with one-hundred whole dollars. I thought this would be a one-time thing. In truth, I loved the experience and loved the company, and I loved the way that capturing something new would challenge me technically and artistically, which I could bring back to my passion. What I feared was the responsibility of failing to capture something that could not be recreated. This fear lingered, but there was no going back, so I wanted to face it head-on. After editing the images, I drove down the mountain from my hometown to Bakersfield to deliver the images in person. I grabbed a coffee with the grooms and we pulled up the images. My nerves were shot and my confidence was thin, but the moment they started to scroll, the tears started to flow. When they began their happiness, the way they felt they could relive the day through the images, I knew instantly that capturing weddings was a pathway I wanted to pursue.

Roughly two-hundred weddings later my passion for capturing for couples has become equal to my passion for dark and alternative photography, as well as an opportunity to continue to test my skills as an artist, explore new places, and meet great people.  My passion for photography has spread to my sons, who I often catch telling each other they will be photographers one day. They love to attend shoots and have also been invited to and attended good number of weddings. Photography also led me to my twin flame, Rose, who has become invaluable to the growth and maintenance of our work. Wedding Photographer Guy became much less of an individual title, and much more of an SEO method. No longer a lone wolf, and

Along the path, I learned so much about whom I want to be as a photographer, as well as how I want to approach capturing images. Myself and my team are always unapologetically ourselves and hope the same from those we encounter. Though we are professional, throughout our process, we hope to communicate with clients and network connections like or as friends. The majority of clients who have resonated with me over the years have been individuals who may not usually be too keen to having a camera pointed at them. That alone has been one of the greatest factors of my growth, and my most gratefully accepted challenge. I strive to create a comfortable environment, in front of and around the lens. So share that sense of humor, we're impossible to offend. Let's crack a brew and swap stories. Ask me questions. If it's wedding related, I've probably got answers. I can tie a tie and bustle a dress, I'm there to lend a hand. 

Your wedding is a time to kick back and celebrate your love, and your loved ones while partying your ass off.  I want to be right there celebrating with you and experiencing all the laughter, adventure, tears, nervous sweats, brews chugged, cake smashed, that one friend who really likes to shake it on the dance floor... all of it, right through the viewfinder.

With every click of the shutter, a memory immortalized.



I'm down for anything. If you want to bushwack 10 miles to your elopement waterfall, let's go. If you're having a pirate wedding, I hope ye know I be dressin' up wit' ye. Pop the champagne in my direction, that shot will be wicked. Whether you're dancing with fire or wandering waist-deep in the ocean, I'm ready to be right there alongside you capturing every moment of your adventure.

We hope to meet from you soon.

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