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Simply complete the form to receive your personalized quote for all of my 4 wedding packages. If you're eloping, please let me know. My contact information is also included if you'd like to reach me outside of the form.  Feel free to call, email or text me anytime, day or night. Go ahead and keep it informal if you'd like.  Talk soon!

Please note that if you fill out a form or email directly, I do my best to respond to EVERY inquiry within 12 hours. If you do not receive a response within 12 hours, please take a look in your spam folder or try calling me. Thank you.
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A bit about Nilas Photography



If summed up, Nilas Photography is top-shelf photography by a patient, calm and down to Earth photographer.


My top goal aside capturing breathtaking images is to create a stressless experience from start to finish. I've been told by a plethora of clients that I am not what was expected of a wedding photographer. In a good way, of course. While I maintain a professional appearance and high quality of work, I much prefer my relationship with clients to be as friendly as possible. On many occasions, to the point where my clients have said they consider me part of the family. I am very relaxed and easy to work with. That is how I wish that all people and professionals could be to one another, so of course, I practice it in my own profession, which creates a comfortable environment in front of and around the lens. I'll work closely with you to understand your personality and preference to adjust my shooting style accordingly. Whether you're the type of person who likes an organic pose, soul stealing candid, mysterious creative shot or all of the above, I've got you covered. As for group shots, I'm very patient with little humans and mindful of the needs of the elderly. I'll make sure to get all the traditional images,  as well as some rowdy and humorous extras. We can get them completed and out of the way faster than you can say "cocktail hour." I am highly experienced in a broad range of wedding styles and very proud to maintain a 5-star rating on multiple platforms. 


If adventure happens to be your jam, well we're in the same boat. I'm always down for a good journey with new friends and I'd love to tag along anywhere you dare to go. Whether you need me down the block at the local venue or around the globe in the tropics or tundra, I'm game.


Thanks a ton for your consideration. I hope to work together on the big day.


-Michael R. Ballard (Nilas)



The Process & What's Included



So you're here and you're interested. Awesome!


Where do we go from here? 


On our first contact, I'll deliver my pricing sheet and answer any initial questions you might have. The basics. What comes after the first contact is far more important. If I'll be attending an event as important and sentimental as your wedding, I shouldn't just be another suit with a camera. I aim to be more than just a service provider and I seek clients that I can befriend. So let's really chat. We can get to know each other in person or over a call/video call. At this time I can fill you in on how I work as well as who I am. I hope you'll share a bit about yourselves as well.


All right, so you dig the portfolio, we get along great and you and the other half are ready to lock down the date!

What next?

So after we've had the chance to chat and we've decided on the ideal package for your needs, I'll request a 25% deposit to lock down the date. The remainder won't be due until the day of the wedding. After the deposit, I'll email you 3 forms to complete that outline the specifics of your package and give me important details about your big day. One of the forms, the wedding questionnaire, will give me just about all the information I need on the big day. Providing me with further information beyond the questionnaire is purely optional, but definitely welcome. You can leave me with just a start time and the basic information or send me detailed lists, Pinterest boards, itinerary and more. Whichever makes you comfortable!

On the big day, there is no need to stress. I've shot countless weddings of all kinds and know exactly what to do. All you need to worry about is having the time of your life. I'll be right there to capture every precious moment ( and maybe a piece of wedding cake... muahahaha! ). Candids, creative shots, group shots with family and friends...

I've got you covered.


What about after the wedding?


After the wedding, I'll get editing ASAP. I'll put some sneak peeks on my website within a few days and send out the remainder of the images in within two weeks. Something I do a bit differently than other photographers is that I've removed the limitation on the number of images you will receive. I will go through every single image and edit all of the best shots. You are guaranteed a minimum of 200 images, although most couples receive between 250-500, depending on the length of the wedding, package type, and amount of activities and guests. Images come in full resolution via USB.  I offer print packages, albums and more, but you are not obligated to print through me.  Once you have your digital images, you can print and/or post them anywhere you'd like. You could toss one up on a billboard or submit to a bridal magazine. I mean, you could even print them on a pair of stretchy pants and take them out for a night on the town. I myself would prefer a nice hardback album and some large matte prints, but the point is you could. They're one-hundred-percent yours to do with as you please!


Post-delivery, I hope to stay in touch. We can chat online, watch each other's families grow and perhaps even share a few additional adventures together.

I look forward to meeting you!  

True Elopements


For those who wander, for those who stray or for those who just choose to keep it simple. Meant for under 10 people. Usually just 2 and an officiant. There is no specified time limit and I can even sign as a witness. Feel free to take me anywhere you dare go.


(especially seeking couples wanting to elope in nature)



Basic Package


The Basic Package consists of 2.5 hours of coverage.

If your event is keeping it short, simple, and sweet- a Basic Package is all you need.
Family and Wedding Party photography is included.


Full Package


The Full Package consists of 4.5 hours of coverage.

This is usually good for sprinkling a little bit of preparation photography on top of that short and sweet ceremony and after party. 
Family and Wedding Party photography is included.


Extended Package


Take a step up from the Full Package with the Extended Package. The Extended Package includes  6.5 hours of coverage.

Family and Wedding Party photography is included.



Deluxe Package

Most popular!


Wanting to go all-out on your big day? A Deluxe Package might be right up your alley. Or should I say aisle?!
 The Deluxe package includes an optional bridal boudoir session and NO TIME RESTRICTIONS.  We can even take the time to travel away from the venue location to do an artistic photoshoot in the wilderness, city streets, or anywhere you wish.  I arrive as early as you need and I stay as late as you'd like.  The Deluxe package has no restrictions at all.  It's your big day, so own it!



Thank you!   

Package Types

(Elopements & custom package quotes available upon request)


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