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Portland parkade and Punchbowl Social engagement

Kristina and Ivan get engaged at Portland bar and arcade

First and foremost: We didn't have permission to shoot in Punchbowl Social, until we arrived on site. I think we stressed out the manager a bit, so note to photographers... ask in advance. hehehe

Okay, so Why settle for a photo studio when Portland boasts almost every kind of backdrop there is? Don't.

As I arrived at the rooftop parkade for Kristina and Ivan's engagement photoshoot, it was a cloudy day. Though I believe clouds make for the perfect photoshoot, so I was excited to see what we could create with the moody and atmospheric light.

Kristina and Ivan arrived looking stylish and happy, and we started with some classic poses against the city skyline. The cloudy skies created a unique and dramatic backdrop, and I adjusted my camera settings to capture the best possible shots.

As the sun began to dip behind the clouds, we moved on to more playful and candid shots. I suggested that Kristina and Ivan interact with each other, capturing their love and connection in natural and authentic moments. The cloudy skies created a soft and romantic atmosphere, making for some truly beautiful and intimate photos.

After the rooftop photoshoot, we headed over to Punchbowl Social in Portland, Oregon for some more fun and photos. The dimmed lighting and colorful decor of the arcade and bowling lanes provided a unique and playful backdrop for some creative shots. Kristina and Ivan were both in high spirits, enjoying each other's company, and I captured every moment of it.

Throughout the photo shoot, I tried to make Kristina and Ivan feel comfortable and relaxed. By encouraging them to have fun and be themselves, I was able to capture genuine and heartfelt moments of their love and personalities. Honestly, it wasn't difficult. Rose and I are so lucky to meet the clients we do, and thanks to such a laid-back group, the whole evening felt seamless.

As the evening came to a close, I felt grateful to have been a part of such a special moment in their lives. We were able to create some truly beautiful and memorable photos that captured the unique essence of Kristina and Ivan's love story. Rose and I can't wait for the wedding.

This place was huge, they had 2 bars, a bowling alley and a ton of arcade games. The staff was honestly pretty great to us for us just popping in without asking. We loved the vibe and decor inside, especially in the hallway between the bar and the start of the arcade, go check out the cute couches and walls. Highly recommend.


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