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Abernethy Center wedding venue in Oregon City

Main notes:

  • Abernethy offers multiple sites and packages.

  • Abernethy is a solid choice even in winter months.

  • Abernethy has plenty of space to roam and get pictures on site.

  • There are plenty of restaurants and hotels with in a short drive, and it's located inside of Oregon City.

  • The staff has always been cool, and my couples have only said positive things.


As a Portland wedding photographer, I've had the pleasure of capturing beautiful love stories in various venues. Among them, Abernethy Center in Oregon City stands out as a remarkable choice for couples seeking an exquisite setting to celebrate their special day. With almost two decades of dedicated service as a premier wedding venue, Abernethy Center offers an exceptional canvas for couples and Portland wedding photography. Let's explore the features that make it a perfect choice.

Well kept grounds and natural splendor:

Nestled in downtown Oregon City, Abernethy Center is surrounded by awesome landscapes and historic splendor. Its lush gardens, blooming flowers, and majestic trees create a picturesque backdrop that adds depth and charm to your wedding photographs. The abundance of captivating outdoor spaces invites creativity and allows photographers to capture the essence of your love in harmony with nature.

Versatile indoor spaces:

Abernethy Center boasts a range of versatile indoor spaces that are equally stunning. With the ballroom, the giant glass windows, the ample spaces to get ready in multiple separate buildings, and even a church bell to ring, there are endless possibilities for creative wedding photography both indoors and out. Whether you envision classic elegance or a modern aesthetic, Abernethy Center offers the perfect indoor backdrop to showcase your love story with style and sophistication.

Flexibility for Creativity:

Abernethy Center understands and embraces the importance of creative freedom for photographers. With almost two decades of experience as a premier wedding venue, they provide flexibility for photographers to explore unique angles, experiment with lighting, and capture candid moments that authentically reflect your wedding day. This freedom allows your photographs to be truly unique, genuine, and filled with emotion.

Attentive Support and Collaboration:

With years of dedicated service, Abernethy Center's staff offers attentive support and seamless collaboration with photographers. They understand the significance of photography in preserving precious memories. From suggesting the best locations to providing assistance throughout the day, their dedicated support has enhanced my past photography experiences. This collaboration allows photographers to focus on their craft, resulting in extraordinary images that beautifully tell your story. If they're not helping, they allow photographers to explore with couples, and that freedom is equally as important.

Unforgettable Memories Preserved:

The venue's enchanting atmosphere, combined with the seamless interplay of indoor and outdoor spaces, offers endless opportunities for photographers to capture those cherished moments. Every glance, smile, and heartfelt embrace will be artfully preserved, allowing you to relive the magic of your special day for years to come.


With almost two decades of dedicated service, Abernethy Center stands as a premier choice for couples planning their wedding and Portland wedding photographers. Its timeless beauty, versatile indoor spaces, flexibility for creativity, and attentive support make it an ideal canvas for capturing the essence of your love story. Entrust Abernethy Center to be the backdrop for your wedding day, and together, we will create a collection of photographs that reflect the beauty, emotion, and memories of your journey into matrimony.


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