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Victoria and Garrett's Gothic/Dark/Black Wedding (Sneak Peeks)

So, for those who don't know, I fell into wedding photography after being an artist doing creepy, dark surrealistic, eerie, alternative photo's. How I happened into the wedding industry is all happenchance. I mean, I love the hell out of what I do, but it's definitely a 180 from what anyone who knew me would've thought I'd ever do. I mean, I did tell everyone I'd never shoot weddings, sooo... Needless to say though, when I got the chance to do Victoria and Garrett's dark/gothic/black attire/alternative wedding, I was excited enough to wet the bedsheets. This crew was fun as fudge to work with, especially when the barn tools became play toys for our photo shenanigans. Honestly, sitting here editing the first batch has been the perfect affirmation of the beginning of my favorite season. Victoria and Garrett, thank you so much for having me out and congratulations. I look forward to finishing the rest of your images and hope to meet again. Stay spooky, y'all.

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