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Shawna and Tim Sneak Peeks!!

From the time I met with Shawna and Tim for our consultation, I knew their wedding was going to be a good one. We met up at their venue with our sons and just roamed around, but everything about them just made me feel like I was in a comfortable place. On the wedding day, I got to bring my oldest boy, which means the world to me. After shooting some organized chaos at a nearby hotel, a short and sweet ceremony, and some pictures around the grounds, it was party time. My favorite thing about Shawna and Tim is the way they interact with one another. I love catching their little playful moments with each other AND their kids. They are both just fun and able to be goofy without a care and I love that. They're just, simply put, very down to earth and that resonates with me. Not to mention, their family and community was so warm and welcoming to be around.

So, my oldest son and I are super awkward. We never dance or play in public, but Shawna, Tim, and their community were so comfortable to be around that even Nilas and I felt that we could get out and shake our butts on the dance floor later in the reception. For him and I, that will definitely be remembered forever. Shawna and Tim, thank you so much for allowing my son and I to be there on your big day. You said you felt like you gained some new friends and I feel exactly the same. I'm so happy to have created some lasting memories at your wedding and I truly hope to cross paths again. Congratulations and I look forward to sending you the rest of the images ASAP!

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