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Reina and David Wedding Sneaks, Rockaway Beach

Man, what a wicked day on the Oregon Coast. Reina and David had some simplified wedding arrangements out on Oregon coast, so we basically just adventured around for some pictures after a first look and followed that up with a sweet ceremony and some swimming in the ocean. Hands down, my favorite part was getting to tromp around in the water with this wild duo. It was such a laid back and easy day that allowed so much space for me to focus on creativity and candids. David took the dare to plunge all the way in the ocean, but the waves overtook them both beforehand. The kiddos got to fulfil some marine curiosities, finding seaweeds, jellies and dipping into the water. The weather was great, the light was right and I couldn't have asked for a better day with these two and their family and community. Reina and David, thank you for having me out on your big day and congratulations!!

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