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Nicole and Chris at the Thornwood Castle (Sneak Peeks)

Here are a few pieces of an incredible day with Nicole and Chris at Thornwood Castle. This venue was incredible, Thornwood Castle is overwhelming for a photographer like myself. There are so many places to shoot, with statues, history, flowers, and all under an overcast PNW day in Lakewood, Washington. As I learned at the engagement session, Nicole and Chris were so easy to work with. They even hung out with me for a bit when they caught me trying to fix my junker truck after the wedding. That's never happened to me and I was a bit embarrassed, but I'm happy I show Chris how to fix a truck by smacking it up with a metal rod. Lol. They also had these cookies they sent me home with that I nearly died for when I tried. Guys, I need the name of the artist that crafted those cookies! All-in-all, it was an intimate and gorgeous day to behold. The light was right, the place was beautiful, the company was cool... what else could a photographer ask for. Congratulations, Nicole and Chris!

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