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Lindsay & Jordan's engagement session at Ecola State Park.

So, I know the load times on this blog post will be anything except ideal, but honestly, it's worth it. Lindsay and Jordan met me on the Oregon Coast near the ever popular Cannon Beach at one of my favorite locations, Ecola State Park, for one of the most laid back and incredible sessions I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. They were unbelievably kind, outgoing, and amazing to work with. I doubt they knew, but I was having a pretty rough week due to personal life, and just watching them be themselves put me in such a good place. They brought their pups and allowed me to bring my oldest boy, so we all drove down to Indian Beach trailhead and headed back into the woods on foot. I can't remember exactly who labeled it, but we walked away from the road and climbed a ledge when someone mentioned it looked Jurassic Park. I have to say that is entirely accurate. Once the camera came out, there was nothing but real personality and shenanigans. No real posing, just some general direction and that's all we needed. I love the energy these two exude, all there was to do was capture all their perfect playfulness. We played Simba with some puppies and I had a lesson in some pro beer-shotgunning technique. Down on the sand, we popped some champagne and Lindsay shared with the sand crabs. Jordan definitely was not ready to get wet, but like a champion amongst men, he made some sacrifice for his better half. Honestly, I've never been the best at describing a session, but I think the images speak for themselves here. I've definitely never had such a large engagement gallery, but there were just too many perfect moments to pass up. I truly can't wait to get to know these two better. Lindsay and Jordan, you guys rock. I can't wait to crack open a brew with you soon!

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