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Kylee + Ryan at Hornings Hideout

The wedding of Kylee and Ryan! Check it out! Okay, so of course these aren't all the images, but I'll tell you, this awesome crew and this incredible venue allowed me to run free in the shade and near the cool air from the creek and capture 504 shots that I wish I could dump on my site (but alas, too numerous are the gigabits). This was such a great group for candids, I'll probably have to make a whole new post sometime focusing solely on candids and filled to the brim with the folks from Kylee and Ryan's family and community. Kylee was so sweet and easy to work and chat with and Ryan and his guys were so kicked back and fun to mess around with. I mean, they even managed to get me out in front of the camera. That's probably only the second time that's been managed in about 100 weddings, but I can't wait to tack that shot up on the wall above my desk.

This was actually my first time at Hornings Hideout and the creekside was such a great spot to choose! We were down in the shade on the fern lined trails just about the whole of the day, but one thing I will miss not seeing again is Kylee and Ryan's crescent moon pop up. That thing was wicked to use for the ceremony and pictures!

Anyways, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. It was such an awesome wedding and this is definitely a community and family of people I'd love to see again. Kylee and Ryan, thank you so much for having me out and I hope to meet you again!!

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