• Michael Ballard

Esther and Tom Sneak Peeks!

I love this couple and their community and I have nothing but great things to say. Esther and Tom are just awesome to be around, it's really that simple. Esther is such a bright light, she just smiles and smiles, sings karaoke, and as I heard from many at the wedding, you could tell she's just the kind of person who would be there for anyone. Tom is a lawman with a big, tempered heart and I'm sure he's seen the best and worst from people. What's funny though is all his gents are lawmen, too. I feel like if you saw us on the street, his crew of lawmen and my shaggy, tattooed biker buddies, you might assume something suspicious. Lol. It's not that way at all though. No, Tom and his men remind me of my dad and is correctional officer family. My mother is also ever the charismatic optimist, like Esther. Altogether, being with their community and family just felt like a day back at home, right down to the country vibes. Esther and Tom, I hope you can get your home built up soon and spend many, many years expanding your family and community under a new roof. I'm very happy for you and I hope to see you again. Cheers!