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Asia and David sneak peeks

Who doesn't adore a classy wedding by the seaside in the coastal air? Asia and David have been together for a lifetime already and they decided to take the next big step. These two were definitely meant to be, you can just see it in the way that not only they react to each other, but the way their families mesh as well. The Oregon coast is always a solid spot to drop some vows, but these two brought novels. That being said, my favorite part of the day was the vows. They were so thought out and clever, they really were a testament to the love these two have already and will continue to share, which is monumental and moving. Honestly, look their direction if you're trying to set a standard for relationship goals, because they've got that down. Aside from the incredible vows, I remember when they were cutting the cake, the "knife" snapped into pieces. Instead of being bummed, they both just started laughing and rolled forward with it. They're just two positive, down to earth folks that have a lot of good years ahead. Asia and David, Congratulations! I look forward to finalizing the rest of your gallery, there's a lot of good candid memories to share still. :)

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