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Aimee & Nick at Oaks Pioneer Church, Portland

So, I actually met Nick and Aimee after another wedding at Oaks Pioneer Church. I was staying late with the couple and Aimee and Nick came in to tour the venue. Of course, I had to throw myself out there, and now here we are. I'm so happy I got to stick around and say hey! Aimee and Nick got married at the Oaks Pioneer Church in Portland, Oregon on May 8th, 2021. Still in the midst of a pandemic, there were only a handful of guests, but that's how I'd do it myself anyway. A small and simple crew is easy to manage and focus on the few rather than feel spread thin amongst many. All in all, I got to spend my time with them during a short and sweet ceremony and then put the main focus on the newlyweds as we wandered the venue grounds and the nearby Sellwood Park. We basically just strolled around and got comfortable while finding some different spots with acceptable lighting. At each location we found, I just let their personality take control while I aimed for those genuine candids. I think it's always a bit weird to have a camera pointed in your direction while being asked to just be yourself, but Aimee and Nick were perfect. Aimee had been my contact and I already knew she would be down to earth and laid back, which she was. She was radiant on the big day and so easy to talk to and work with one on one. So was also super laid back. Nick reminds me very strongly of one of my favorite uncles back in my hometown. I like to say he's not a "big smiler". Even when my uncle would be ecstatic, he kept most of those huge smiles to himself and maintained that polite smile composer throughout most situations. When the teeth did show, though, the rarity made the moments noteworthy and therefore remembered. With Nick reminding me of my uncle, I felt like I really wanted to catch a few of those big smiles or extra comfortable faces that Aimee could get out of him so well. Watching them together in their bubble made me feel genuinely happy. When nick would look at or act a certain way toward Aimee and her head would tilt, her eyes would scrunch and her smile would turn upward, everything just seemed right. There's just something about these two that makes you realize that the chemistry is there, and I feel fortunate to be able to have been the one to capture this huge milestone in their lives.

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